A Short Opinion on “Say What!: A Geriatric Proposal”

After watching “Say What!: A Geriatric Proposal”, well, I must say that it’s really fascinating for me. For your information, I’m not really that into jazz music but somehow, the background music of the film really captured my attention. Then, this film is really unique. It’s comical, cartoon-y, and dramatic at the same time. Not to mention, it’s also artistic.

The whole film is done by showing painting in sequence way. It’s like you are reading a comic book but it’s in the form of movie. And above all, the story telling is so brilliant. The dialog went on smoothly as if I was there to listen to the main actor talking to the others. The conflict experienced by the main actor who plays the role of a young and talented jazz player is really simple actually yet it’s been covered beautifully so there’s no way for the story telling to be dull.

I’m really curious of the person or the people who draw the whole pictures because they are so lovely. Not to mention, well, a credit really needs to be given to Rescue Dog Films as the production company of this film. Well done! It’s a refreshing movie which is not really that heavy but it still contained some heaviness in it.