Dostana Movie Review – Dostana is Happy and Gay

Dostana Movie Review - Dostana is Happy and Gay

Dostana Movie Review – Dostana is Happy and Gay

Dostana is definitely an expansion from the ‘Kantaben plot’ associated with Kal Ho Na Ho. There’s nothing truly distinctive regarding Dostana (the majority of moments provide you with a picture associated with deja vu) but still Dostana is actually occasionally humorous without having to be unpleasant.

Tale associated with Dostana: Mike (Abhishek Bachchan) as well as Kunal (Steve Abraham) are searching for a condo as well as because the proprietor (Sushmita Mukherjee) dislikes providing the actual condo in order to men lest they might damaged the woman’s relative Neha (Priyanka Chopra), both make-believe to become gays. Neha, Mike as well as Kunal turn out to be buddies and also the men start to drop crazily deeply in love with Neha. However Neha has dropped with regard to Abhimanyu (Bobby Deol), the actual employer associated with the woman’s organization. If the 2 men select adore or even companionship may be the crux from the tale.

Positive factors associated with Dostana:

Complete credit score in order to Karan Johar to possess created upward the taboo subject along with a circular associated with applause in order to Tarun Mansukhani with regard to pointing Dostana because their debut movie. Although 1 can’t state exactly the same concerning the piece of software author that has simply provided the same kind of tale having a homosexual completing, Tarun offers aimed the actual movie nicely. We are able to consider the caps away in order to Abhishek Bachchan as well as Steve Abraham to become wearing sufficient; not really patient the fig regarding their own picture, as well as performing total rights for their functions. As well as indeed, Ohio is actually WARM!

Without factors associated with Dostana:

1. The majority of moments aren’t humorous, simply cliche. Within the number of films, perhaps you have not really observed stars, through incorrectly, performing some thing effective as the 3rd individual strolls within as well as believes there’s some thing cooking food between your 2? You’ve observed this within Kal Ho Na Ho, Masti, Golmaal Results, Hi and so on. C’mon men, it’s 2 A LOT also it isn’t humorous.

two. Dostana is really a film regarding companionship however the ‘friendship’ element isn’t proven using the correct quantity of awareness. Within the very first fifty percent, this is about their own homosexual tricks as well as their own misinterpretation, and also the 2nd component is all about each men attempting to woo Priyanka Chopra. The actual companionship element is actually dropped someplace within Dostana.

3. Tunes many of them jarring as well as away crucial (among the most detrimental ratings associated with Vishal Shekhar) appear from unusual occasions as well as sluggish the actual speed from the movie. Aside from Desi Woman as well as Jaane Kyun, you can’t truly keep in mind the additional tunes.

four. A few moments such as the public sale picture as well as moments including Boman Irani weren’t needed as well as extended the actual film needlessly.

Greatest moments associated with Dostana:

1. Abhishek Bachchan detailing about how exactly Steve Abraham as well as he’d fulfilled, as well as out dated. The actual flashback humorous picture is actually tear roaring as well as Abhishek Bachchan’s overall performance causes it to be the visible deal with.

two. The adorable intimate picture had been whenever Steve Abraham goodies Priyanka Chopra for that Kuch Kuch Hota Hain film. He or she recreates the actual enchanting picture associated with Shahrukh Khan magical Kajol within the film as well as causes it to be seem like amiable. Complete represents in order to Tarun Mansukhani with regard to capturing the actual picture perfectly.

3. The actual picture exactly where Bobby Deol informs Priyanka Chopra they do not possess a existence collectively within the football industry is actually filmy however shifting. The actual onlookers such as Steve Abraham as well as Abhishek Bachchan believe that Priyanka offers really stated ‘yes’ in order to Bobby.

four. The ultimate hug picture in between Abhishek Bachchan as well as Steve Abraham may be the milestone picture, very easily likely to end up being among the discussed moments within Bollywood. That is the very first popular Bollywood film to possess a homosexual hug picture? Solution: Dostana.

Shows within Dostana:

Abhishek Bachchan offers provided a marvelous overall performance. It really is first class as well as although this appeared as if he’d dropped their marbles within Drona, he or she will a great work within Dostana. He’s the pure pleasure. Steve Abraham arranged one’s heart associated with ladies rushing because he or she flexed their carefully created muscle tissue along with crazy give up. Steve Abraham isn’t just ‘Brawn Abraham’; he’s carried out superbly as well. Priyanka Chopra never appeared therefore shapely. The woman’s pizazz attractiveness gets to zenith within Dostana.

Last stage upon Dostana:

Dostana is actually cliched, a typical entertainer.

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