New Swedish Kids Film ‘We Are the Best’

New Swedish Kids Film 'We Are the Best'

New Swedish Kids Film ‘We Are the Best’

Swedish overseer Lukas Moodysson had been hailed since the brand new Ingmar Bergman whenever he or she launched their much loved lesbian designed adolescent crisis ‘Fucking Amal’ within 1998. The actual assessment created absolutely no feeling whatsoever. Apart from their own discussed nationality, there is not really a solitary likeness in between their easy going arriving old movie as well as Bergmans’ moody, existential oeuvre. However despite the fact that Moodysson had been not even close to the brand new Bergman, Fucking Amal had been a brand new as well as getting debut. Together with his brand new function ‘Vi är bäst’! (2013) Moodysson results in order to their achievement method, following a few fairly darkish films. Also it ended up being their greatest within many years, most likely their greatest actually.


‘We would be the Best’ handles 2 13 12 months aged ladies who’re eager to create the punk rock-band, with out the required gear, not to mention the actual music abilities. Nevertheless, their own nerdy, Religious as well as socially remote classmate Hedvig, that performs traditional acoustic guitar, appears to be the answer for their issue. However very first they need to persuade the woman’s exactly how awesome actively playing inside a punk music group really is. Prior to these people recognize, they’ve really amounted in order to some thing that isn’t everything poor. On the way they’ve some good activities and be nearer buddies.


Moodysson works just as before for making a genuine as well as heartwarming family portrait associated with adolescent ladies. He or she has a great attention with regard to recognizing youthful expertise too, since the girls’ behaving is very amazing. Particularly Mira Grosin, that performs the actual cheeky however adorable Klara is really a thought. A good irresistibly pleasant small movie for everybody that has already been youthful (or even is still) as well as edgy. Possibly it’s much less fascinating for those who don’t have any comfortable emotions with regard to something associated with punk, however actually after that it’ll work as an excellent children movie. As well as children movies tend to be obviously the Swedish niche. For the reason that feeling it’s a good offbeat add-on in order to excellent Swedish kids movies as well as tales such as Pippi Longstocking, however it drops much more to the group of the actual 08 Swedish scary movie ‘Let the correct one in’ (08) through Tomas Alfredson.

Discharge day as well as honours with regard to ‘We Would be the Best’

The actual movie was launched within Sweden within 2013, as well as went round the movie event signal globally, however is going to be discovering it’s movie theater discharge within 2014. The united kingdom discharge day is placed with regard to eighteen 04 2014. To date this was already granted along with a number of honours. Within Sweden the actual achievement had been reasonable award-wise, however that’s since it experienced difficult competitors associated with ‘Monica’s Waltz’, ‘Shed absolutely no Tears’ as well as ‘The Reunion’.

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