Six Tips to Help You Pack for a Weekend Away at the Beach!

If you and your friends have all managed to get the same weekend off work, then it seems like fate has shone down upon you! Congratulations! It seems like it’s the perfect time to visit the beach. But, what to pack?!



The first thing that you are going to want to do is swim! Be sure to pack two pairs of swimming clothes. Try and bring different kinds, to change from the beach to a pool.

Of course, once you get out you’re going to need to get dry. While many hotels will provide a towel for the room, they won’t give you one for the beach. Remember to pack one in your bag.


Sun Protection

Remember to stay safe when you’re on the beach so that you can have healthy skin. Be sure to pack suncream, a hat, and sunglasses. If your current sunglasses are looking a bit dated, check out the Groupon Coupons page for Sunglass Hut to get a stylish new pair before your head off.



Once the sun goes down, you’re likely to see what they don’t show you in the catalog, bugs! Pack spray or ointment to ward off any bug bites and annoyances.



If you have an external speaker, don’t forget to pack it with you and remember to bring along any charging cables, also. Similarly, if you are hoping for a more quiet stay at the beach, remember to pack your Kindle or tablet for reading.

Of course, you could also just pack real books?!


Sporting Equipment

While you listen to music, consider any sport you might like to play. A simple game of catch or even something more organized can be a great way to spend your energy while still managing to relax and enjoy the camping spirit. Pack a range of balls and paddles before your next trip.


Food and Drink!

This trip to the supermarket, go to the gourmet section and enjoy crackers, cheese, fruits, and wines to give your beach trip a little more of a gourmet touch.

Obviously, you should also grab some crowd pleasers like sodas and snack foods.

A beach trip is a great way to enjoy time with your friends and build your connection. The next time you are able to take a trip, keep this list in mind and enjoy!


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